hanging on for the ride

Disease in the form of cough, flu, fever, chills, loss of voice, etc etc, continue to haunt the friesen household. I am nearing the completion of week two with this thing inflicting itself on my person. And now it seems as though Lauralea has joined the ranks of the sick here.

It's been here just at the same time that work is so incredibly busy and there is so much to do. That has been reflected in my absence here, that is very true.

So between meetings and appointments and work things, I run home and grab a nap or cough meds or some such things to help me get through the day. Then I reach a day where I feel great and get up and going and then the next day, thwap on the back of the head, it's back.

Today is a very full day, and then get my mom from the big city who is coming to visit, and parent/teacher meetings tonight, then tomorrow, and on it goes.

We are starting to book our last two weeks of holidays for November and hopefully that can help us settle down a bit. This isn't great for the body or the soul.

Off to the Senior Bible Study.

Take care, from the field.

A spa night for the soul?

Somehow, I'm not sure how I managed to do it, but somehow last night I slept for ten hours straight. Ten hours without a turn or a wake. Without bathroom break or phone waking me or Lauralea getting up and down multiple times. Ten hours. I can't recall the last time...

Mind you I have been fighting the flu and cold and aches all week, but I thought I had begun to win that battle. I guess I just needed ten hours of sleep.

Classic FM is playing it's Smooth Classics programme while I work here in the office, getting things ready for tomorrow, for Sunday. And since I'm talking on Rest tomorrow, I'm mellowing out nicely here, between the soft music, the dark room, and the clouds and thunder rolling in from the north.

Maybe my body just needed ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Maybe my soul does too.

Tonight Lauralea is off to a birthday party for a friend, and Micah is off to a hockey practice, so it's a very rare home alone night for me. I threatened them that I would indulge in a spa night with a long bath and candles and large glass of wine. That image is still stuck in their heads.

But it is rare quiet evening around the field, so I expect to take some time for my soul.

What does that look like? Probably write some letters, with the radio playing some quiet music that makes my heart sing. Open a bottle of some nice christmas gift, and as led I'll be praying for a few of the people who are on my heart today and this week.

A quiet night, with room for my soul to catch up after a difficult week.

You have to take care of your soul just like you take care of your body.
So maybe tonight it's my souls turn to catch up with my body.

You take care of yours too.

Photos from our Banff retreat last week and no I don't beat my wife

Thursdays are like Youth Night Hangover Days

I am here today, here as in my office. Seems like I have three days of work to do and one day to fit it all in, so today I am here.

Wednesdays with the youth is a lot of fun and life, and the thirty plus kids we've been having for supper and games and study, well that's a bit of alright. Of course Thursday mornings the eyes take a while to focus and clear and sort out life. It's good to be with them.

Tomorrow is to be at a funeral in another city and tomorrow night is date night with Lauralea. Saturday is about meeting with a young man sorting out his life, and final work for Sunday.

So there you have it then. The week is sorted out.

Of course I didn't mention the most difficult work scheduled for this week, saying good bye to little Norah and her mom and dad.

But for now, on to three days of work.

Someone Like You

I think that one of life's most gracing gifts is a relationship with another soul who knows you well.

and I think that one of life's deepest pains is rejection.

It's all about others then I suspect.

Changes and a scattered family

Tonight at supper Lauralea and I were talking and remembering the years she stayed home with our young children, while I would head off to meetings in distant places. It was a decision we made together, and it was a part of our reality.

These days it's more often that she comes along because the kids are well on their way to being adults with lives of their own. In fact, we noted that tonight our kids are in The Field, Vancouver, Montreal, the USA, and Oxford England. I don't think they've ever been so scattered.

Their travel is about meetings and education, and moving. It seems that they are not held back by borders or small things like countries. Amazing.

Yup, we've come a long way in the past twenty years.

Location:Banff Ave,Banff,Canada


And so with family now scattered temporarily across Canada, the USA, and now England, the house sitters are in place and Lauralea and I are off to Banff for the Pastors and Spouse Retreat.

Feels as always, a bit rushed for a retreat, but we will go and look for Christ in Banff.

I'm sure he is there. Hopefully he has some time for me.
Or shall I write that hopefully I have time for Him.

for you and for me.

Well she's over halfway there.

We got Hillary to the airport in Calgary today and really everything went smoothly. Now I see she's over Greenland and over halfway to Gatwick.

Hope it continues to go well.