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Thoughts on this Canadian Election

The great lake in The Field

Wherein I rant about a public housing waste of money and an insensitivity to the elderly

Holy Weekend. An update.

Today Oh Lord

Oh the memories

BBC Radio now in iTunes

Photo's from grad weekend

The world gets bigger again once you travel away from the field.

Last time here?

Cap & Gown for Hillary - video

Just waiting for brunch then on to grad ceremonies

Grad banquet

Hillary graduates

Photos are up

Back for a day or two.

Aylmer Market

Standing on the pier at Port Bruce

Lunch at Clarkes

Sunday morning worship

Meeting at The Story with Joe & Nathan

There were two ships parked here when I went to bed last night

Tea with Fiona

More travels.

"...none of the early disciples were professional educators."

The Field 360, April 2, 2011

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