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I want to breathe

Alright there you go.

Up 103 floors in Sears Tower

They have glass balconies people can walk on. 103 stories up.

Supper. Best meal of the day.

Great view, no bathtub.

In 24 hours I should be somewhere over Manitoba

To summarize the latest Harry Potter movie...

Ok so I lost that vote

Pudding for supper

The snow on the roof falls down down down

Just a day in the life of a pastor

In town for a meeting

It's frightening how the countenances of people in power, change during their reign.

It's my dad's birthday today.


Our God

It's Saturday night. Are you living well?

January in Chicago is like Mexico in August, just reversed

A Martian landscape or just snowballs?

Awesome Family Photos

100 Days on Holy Island

Chicago seems like such a mountain to climb. Maybe I won't get to Mid-Winter this year.

Snowflakes and Sunset

Dallas Willard on living as Jesus did

Jesus went to parties but did he go to meetings?

Just another snowy day in the field

One of those things that I will not miss whenever I'm done being a pastor.

Malmo Mission Covenant Church Canceled for tomorrow

A surprise break


The problem with being married to a short woman.

Victor Hugo on something I apparently don't get.

The field seems bigger when they're gone

Snow in the Field