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Dear England

An Ounce of Christmas Courage

With Micah in downtown Edmonton and the Grey Cup party

On this Black Friday maybe it's good to remember what Christmas really used to be all about.

It's good right now.

Getting ready for the Christmas Banquet tomorrow night.

The Monday begins

Sunday morning colour.

It's not brains, it's Treacle Sponge Pudding

Let the weather related complaining begin. Good grief.

Amazing what 24 hours can do

Donuts at Harrods

I mean we knew it was coming, right?

This mornings bible

The day does have it's ups and downs

Today didn't really pan out as expected


On snow and Micah in trees, radio and balance

Sunday morning in Kendal

Out for a walk

Letters from England - Day One

Losing my evenings

Mediocrity 2011

First Tuesday in November