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It's great to have friends with seasons tickets.

This is for my friend John who is a band teacher

Want to help plant a church in Estonia?

The better part of life

The Holy Nativity of Our Lord God

Canola Blue

Four kids, four provinces

i couldn't say it any better

A Public Service Announcement: Vote Early, Vote Often

Rainy day at camp

Summer Storm in the Field

Like Lauralea always says,

Near Wainright Ab

Out of reach

At my uncle Menno and aunt Elvinas home in MacGregor MB

Blogging during the sermon

Frederick Buechner's Alphabet of Grace

Alphabet Of Grace - Frederick Buechner

Can you help pray?

Downtown Regina

Riderstore, done.

Mmmmm. Guess where we are for lunch you ex PAers.

Opening gifts with the nephews.

Big rectangle province, here we come

Installing the NEW Malmo Cross

Riders beat Montreal in double overtime. 54 - 51