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looks pretty bad out there

Feels like the morning after the night before

Natasha appreciation evening.

A question for ya

Not rural like we knew rural

A Sunday morning in June

A morning prayer

First stop today

The skys are very Harry Potter-esk out there tonight.

Julia Cameron in The Sound of Paper

I am so ready for tomorrow

Remembering Dad

Notes on a Tuesday that started early and is ending later than it should

Tornado watch for this area

Tonight I remember

The Happy Cookers


My nephew came to visit.

These kind of price changes make me nervous about how much less the local grower is getting.

Thank you for asking about my back...

World Cup News

Interesting what lurks inside

Even after 11pm the sky is still bright

One of the most amazing pieces of music ever written

Done. Finally.

Yesterday I made a Jello Mold

Isaiah 53

We needed a fire truck to reach the old rugged cross

Kids Day 2010

Visitors to the Field

Supper out with the family who are here.

Wave Your Flag

It's Still Raining

Yep, we've moved

Your Farm report

… i will wait for the Lord.

Getting better

Saturday Evening Sky over the church

"Sometime I can't feel God and that makes me think that it's forced and fake"

On youth as a prophetic voice, how two ears are better than one, and Thomas

I never thought of this

A dark day on a beautiful patch of earth

I used to dislike my big ears

Ah she looks like a beauty today.