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The day that was.


Tuesday _ Holy Week

Richard Foster on the curse of our age

Big bingo night down at the country school.

...And just like that its ready for an evening coffee house.

Mothers Of PreSchoolers kids play in the sanctuary.

Thursday already?

Already in town as the sun rises.

Prayer. It's not just for your aunt's ingrown toenail any more.

Caught in the in-between

Dick and Jane go to the jungle

Welcome Sun

I could have been a good stay at home dad.

The times they are a changing...

I'll take seven hours

Ok sleep is this how it's going to be??

Some days my life feels like a Far Side comic

chasing sleep

A Perfect Storm

2010 Wetaskiwin Church Bonspiel

Big awards show Sunday night


Full Circle - March 3 2010, the Field

Two years ago today

Yes, I'm still here.