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Sunday evening, blowing snow

Home, where I belong

2010-01-29 my Twitter talk

2010-01-28 my Twitter talk

Found a wifi signal

2010-01-27 my Twitter talk

2010-01-26 my Twitter talk

Happy Birthday Dad

2010-01-25 my Twitter talk

Do I look excited about flying? Into the US no less.

Sex after twenty five years

Supper out to celebrate another year completed.

It's plus 10C in Denver right now you know!

It wasn't so much a nightmare...

Kind of a dreary day in The Field

Like the Flower needs the Rain

Escape to the city and we end up here.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible

Well look at that...

Lord, have mercy on Haiti

The Best part of the day

The week that was.

My Christmas Gift

Keith C. Fullerton

And now we raise the tree.

Really? 62 already?

Happy Palindrome Day!

They are going.