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And so winter comes to The Field.

Big big game today

Sunrise in Paris

Happy Thanksgiving Day to our favOURite Americans

Is it so bad to be secretly glad there isn't any snow yet?


The annual receiving of the church Christmas tree from the heavens.

File under freakin amazing

Walking, praying, waiting, listening, watching, hoping, talking, moving

Prayer for a difficult day

Yesterday I bought myself a pink vibrator...

Doing an airport run this morning.

Chocolate Anyone? (Women Only)

How to get free food and housewares. Really.

And the world goes on and on

A beautiful morning out here in these prairie hills

"I asked for the LARGE stack of pancakes!"

Tired to the core

Bringing supper home FAIL

I know that I am Thine

At the Memorial Service in Wetaskiwin.

The Senility Prayer

Photo hosting options?

The man who created Guinness

This is my confession

Wiener roast for supper.

November 4, 2009. The Field 360

only Tuesday?

Well looks like a nasty morning in the Czech Republic.

Monday morning summary