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It's the weekend

Need a vehicle

Lumbering along

This week on Twitter 2009-07-29

This week on Twitter 2009-07-29

Going out to supper at Ikea with friends.

BACK down

At a wedding with a window.

Still hot.

I think we should dance more.

Is there anything as yellow?

Letters from The Field

The worst hospital chapel I've ever seen.

This week on Twitter 2009-07-22

What I like most about this new design

An early morning in late July

Work day

Ordered take away pizza for supper & found a bistro.

Thinking about forgiveness

Today the Field got the better of me

Learning to lean

a near ditch experience

This week on Twitter 2009-07-15

This week on Twitter 2009-07-15

This week on Twitter 2009-07-15

A Day in Banff

We made it to the mountains.

One day road trip

"Hey, where's that yellow handled thing, you remember the one your mother gave us for our second anniversary..."

I seem to be at Canadas Gospel Music celebration

It's Friday already

Another day in the field

Patchwork Portraits

Things are starting to green up. Finally.

This week on Twitter 2009-07-08

A perfect video for a morning like this

It's raining.

Progress Report. From the Field.

Eight millimeters

Supper at Old Spaghetti Factory

A good day today

We're at a rodeo - Updated