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This week on Twitter 2009-04-01

This week on Twitter 2009-04-01

April 1st tomorrow

life is movement

Day off

Quickly, it's time

In the office today

"That is a moment for the history books"

Off to the hospitals


Guess what day it is here at the church??

This week on Twitter 2009-03-25

Sometimes in a lowly cell

Mad Cow in Alberta and British Snipers.

Where am I?

Saturday night tonight,

On this Friday afternoon, how about some flat tracks of black wax

Friday Morning Prayer


Thursday night

This week on Twitter 2009-03-18

And now, off to parent/teacher interviews

It might be the warmer weather talking but...

so a guy calls about a hockey game. Updated.

This makes me sad.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

when guys pray

And 18 days later the car is ours

Tonight the quality of the stillness is good

In which you find out more about me than you may want to know...

Saturday morning thoughts on curling

Looks to be a beautiful day

Well, that's almost the day then

This week on Twitter 2009-03-11

I think you should know...

Three connections that make me smile

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

Letters on being a pastor

Friday night fundraiser

Snow Day

This week on Twitter 2009-03-04


Winter Storm Warning in effect

Did I mention I'll be judging a 4-H competition this weekend?

Thoughts on a Sunday night