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The Sun Began To Rain

Good grief there is a sudden S...

fits and starts

I had a dream

Amazing night photography of London

Mothers Of PreSchoolers

What's missing?

Just like olde times

Mamma Mia - The Movie

I think we are about to purcha...

And for this morning

...maybe a yogurt cup

I fell asleep on the couch and...

Christ's word to a distracted church

Awaken the dawn

It would have been my dad's birthday today

At the churches Annual Meeting...

yeah, it's the weekend

Need a smile?

Yep, still here

Getting in gear

Going home for lunch, which ma...

History is being made today. Updated.

We are off to find a good brea...

A thanks before sleep

Anyone else feel the ground mo...

Looks COLD in Pittsburgh, come...

Praying with your Spirit

Church was good today. Now for...

What? It's Saturday night again?

A big stoopid truck just threw...

Fifth night out in a row. Week...

A good day to be alive

Quote on "Where there is no vision"

Today I went to visit an 85 year old lady

Is that a Gourd on your head?

Waking up is hard to do.

Just got home from the office ...

A Starting place for Prayer

Live Jazz

another Saturday night

A Winter Morning


It's been a long week

The Field January 8, 2009

The rush just slides down into a lull

I can't find sleep and I need ...

Watched "Being Erica" on CBC t...

Because sometimes one Spiderman just isn't enough

Kids last night at home. Time ...

December's Gone

Flights are booked to Chicago....


Just watched "Hancock"

Today I discovered what this MacBook was made for