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They SAID it was just off the road, a mile or two...


Church Windows on a late November day

Ten Thousand Villages Day

And now we sacrifice humans to the god we serve.

Jeff Update

Recently on Twitter 2008-11-27

off to a banquet


Happy Thanksgiving America

A couple of bucks in a field


Brothers are cool to have around


Seasons Change

Good thing I don't have a day job

Calgary Stampeders over Montreal Alouettes in Grey Cup, 22-14

My installation service

We progress towards health and home

Alright already

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We might need to see a "Trained" Doctor,

A highspeed winter car chase in Canada

looking for a party

I suppose it was a day like any other

Micah's turn

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November 18, 2008 The Field

I LoVe my heated garage

Thinking deep thoughts today

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Too close

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How to get the adrenaline pumping again

Evening Prayers

Give Up Yer Aul Sins - Making Blind See

And now for something completely different

How to burn down the parsonage, without really trying.

Rain and guy cars

The Last Post

Remembrance Day

Of Walmart, Tim Hortons, and CKUA

Monday morning laugh out loud

Just testing Me TV

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The Field on a foggy Sunday afternoon

Do you know how long it takes to have a 6 year old friendship?

A foggy Sunday morning in the Field

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The kids were home for a few hours...

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Snow and Hills. A dangerous combination.

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And now we are on the American Girl mailing list?

Interesting notes from the field

American Leadership Transition

today it was deer

a touch of snow

The coyotes are howling out there tonight

A big day for the world

A monday thing

Isn't it morally wrong for your wife to try to beat you at billards by having her top buttons undone too much??

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It's quiet here tonight

That’s the first morning then.

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You change what??

in a few moments