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In contact with large crop circles

I like my new Doctor

Prayer of confession


Recently on Twitter 2008-09-29


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House Showing #3

Recently on Twitter 2008-09-26

Yep. Wanna know what it's sometimes really like?

Autumn in PA

Hospital visits

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here or not

Burn after Reading

Ah Lovely Autumn, otherwise known as prostate exam season

From the PETA Files

Ah that might look good hanging over the pulpit

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a free night

You Might Be A Pastor if…

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The girl has new eyes

To the dump, To the dump, To the dump dump dump

Happy Birthday Hillary

we all need to be connected

the score to date

Firefox 3

Good Grief

Rainbows of Colours

Thomas Kelly on life

Friday Night Fun

The Velvet fog is gone.

Remember, Talk Like A Pirate Day


a worthy comercial break

Wow. Ron Lancaster is dead

It's Lifting.


One of these things is not like the other

Well, I just attended my last Council meeting at Gateway

Did you ever wonder...

met with the realestate guy today

A New taste Sensation

A bad day to have a Wall St. address

Moving to a House in a Field.

The Spirituality of Painting

another day, another room painted.

Ode to a home

It's September 11th today.

I hurt in places I don't even have body

A Week of Luxurious Holiday

Used Bungalow for Sale

I resigned from Gateway this morning.

Home on the Prairies

A long day

A Call for Help

Hey you, child of the 80’s

Love in a Walmart checkout line

Now that's a Pizza

I've got this song stuck in my head.

The Joy


The week that wouldn’t be

Whats going on with this blog???

Right. This is what I miss.

Anybody check out the New CBC Radio 2?

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone"

Google's new browser, Chrome

God did it. Jesus did too.

A Canadian Political Question here