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and then there were three

Ok so it's probably not a good idea to be wearing a tshirt and boxers and have the door open when church people drop by

Gustav comes to play

So Tired

National Hurricane Center

OK, let’s catch up

Now this gets interesting

Obama for President?

Wherein I respond to our Small Group who want to go see Mama Mia...

Stephane Dion has major facelift ?

Who says Hymns can’t be fun

Teeth: OK

This place is a total zoo

The Politics of Food

One more accomplishment

So, to update you

If you’ve been waiting for an email from me…

If you’re not from the prairie…

Hillary comes home today

and thanks for a lovely evening

What is a lack of Grace? Ungrace? Disgrace?

How lame am I

Dreary day in P.A.

For pastors only


If she can do it...

another sweaty day

in a Best Buy Store

the Jag of bathtubs

The movement of God in a life

One hot day

Maybe we should take a pause to remember six months ago.

Looking for a Bible School for discipleship?

"Bigfoot" hunters claim to have a Sasquatch body found in Georgia.

Yep its holiday time

Big Evening in Prince Albert

A friend sent me these words today.

Easy access to your church worship lyrics for slides


Vacation postponed. Week One.

Good Job Winnipeg

Old Friends

drip. drip. drip.

This isn’t good.

Hey, what are you still doing up??

A reminder

The proms

For those of you who love the Church Potluck

The day Thous gavest, Lord, is ended

What a party

Happy Birthday to Me!

Why I Love Saskatchewan

just woke up

just a small light

Thank You

Join us

Home again. Finally.