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not home

Stuck in O'Hare

On the way home

So ready to be home

All. Done.

Doesn't feel like saturday

just a moment of introspection here

Prayer of Surrender

Dear Lauralea

a sense of...

On my way to class... Wednesday

In Class

In Chicago

Waiting to Fly

What’s a guy to do?

Isle of Mull

All systems are go

When you get what you want, but not what you need

The Pastor as Spiritual Guide - Howard Rice

Messed up sleep patterns

of robes and absinthe and belly button fuzz. (Yes it all fits)

up. again.

Summer Yard 2008

Where have I been?

borrowing a neighbours wifi...

heading home from the office

When somebody mentions Hugh Laurie…

Pushing it too hard

this is not nice. Google can be evil.

Group Spiritual Direction: Community for discernment - Rose Mary Doughtery

Spiritual Direction in context - Nick Wagner

Care of mind Care of spirit - Gerald G. May

What is all the rain that didn’t fall all spring deciding to fall this week?

A work in progress

Spent the day in the east

see through a glass dimly


“No you’re an anti-dentite”

Some days I’m not sure it’s worth getting out of bed

Beautiful July Day

Trying to get sorted

Uh, I forgot to get you something Canada