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off to supper

A few more pics and video added

The Grand March

The day rolls on

Graduation Ceremony

Thomas Graduation Mass

a non-regular regular day

memories of a strange day

My Confirmation/Discipleship Crew

Facial Hair Question

The longest day of the year

One Year Ago


Ya-Hoo isn't there any longer


Just a reminder...

The Writing Life

Keep Calm and Carry On

Rainy days and Thursdays…

Cash is flowing like a river: UPDATED

“Gee you look like garbage today. Why is that?”

Computer Conundrum

That long distance feeling

Worship in the GPAA

Wind and rain and boxers

Fathers Day

Free Books (UPDATED: Now with allowed rather than aloud!!)

Bugging Thomas at work.

Thoughts while attending the funeral of a thirteen year old boy

Scotland & England Redux

Design + Audio


Watching WWDC 2008

Band of Brothers

A good place

The Best James Bond movie ever

Looking Closely


A sad day

The Verse Book of a Homely Woman

Morning Prayer

A little summer afternoon music

What it means for me to Follow Christ.

Worship Practice Invite

Fifteen Feet of Separation

Walking at Little Red

French Invasion

The designer of the Pringles chip container, dies and guess what...

The tree right outside my office window

This is a good place to be.