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Oh, that's depressing

Another cold effected affected day

Steeper than I thought

Life on the Canadian prairies can be brutal

Dear Johanna and Hillary

The Sun in the trees and ice fog in the back yard

As the stomach turns

I think I'll work from home a bit today

It's -41 C out there now

Busy afternoon

The temperature keeps dropping

Be careful out there.

Tough day.

blowing cold

Trust: Key to your marriage.

Annual Meeting Time

It was my dad's birthday today.


Test test

Well I blew that one

Somebody's working overtime here

I Am An Uncle

The Boy washed all the dishes from the day and made GOOD brownies for supper!

Looks like its raining in Glasgow

She's gone

oh yeah, that's right, I have a BLOG!!

I just got 28 points in Scrabulous UPDATED:

Jazz Bassment needs a new home

Playing checkers on the new board that Thomas built

Me and the boys went to the Raiders Hockey Game tonight

"Lauralea's Multi-Grain Bread" is getting some press

So what if...

Guess what I just found in my desk

My soul waits

I just ate one of Lauralea's children's Aspirin

Pastors Wanted.

RandallFriesen. Now it's own channel.

Austin leaves Roughriders for Ole Miss

At the end of a long day, who sings you lullabies?


Death By Pedestrianism

I've just gotten married.

Look what's coming to visit us today.

The Bob Newhart Show

Today I learned a new word.

Testing... testing...

Coffee and an artists reception

Bye Bill

71 Days and Counting

And so

What Mean These Stones?

Oh this is too good to miss

Feels like Lake Windermere

Prayer for Faith

I miss my old van's keys

The Halfway Covenant

Because sometimes a picture is just worth a thousand words

Just one of those days in which the pastor hopes the end will come quicker than it is.

Got Stuff?

all the time...

and it hits.

Hillary is off to college again today

I'll tell you how lame we are...

So, Oil prices have hit a new high, $100.

I like when we're online and she says she loves me.

Why do some places have medium, large, and Extra large drinks?

loooong day gone

It's a bit late but anytime is a good time for Sufjan Stevens

Bradley Schmeling on Preaching

There is no line up at Tim's either drive through or walk in

Into gear for 2008

Because sometimes a picture can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself