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Evel Knievel, dead.

Bad news

Hmm, where can I get me some PEP Cereal?

Concert Tonight?

Now, onto Sunday

Of course it had to happen today


Nearly ready

I should read my own blog

Deep breath everyone...

Morning, Noon, and Night Prayer

Riders defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23-19

Evening Prayer

Another Saint is Home

An alternative Christmas Present

A most prophetable morning

An Early Christmas Present

Your Word for the Day: FRISSON

Thursday morning duties

Secret Obsession

A prediciton for England

A cold morning has broken

Prophetic Wind? (Read:Gas Bag)

S t i l l S n o w i n g

Winter has Landed

Pastorally speaking

25th Street, Saskatoon


On How rugged individualism can kill you

Super ninja chi tea moves

This boy knows me

Home again

nearly done here

"Refresh" Going well

The Forks - Winnipeg

Refresh - "Hurry Hard"

on the road, again.

This is interesting

I guess my vote doesn't count


Digitally speaking.

Tell me whom to vote for...

All Faithful Departed


Gossip 411

Steve's gone.

Day off

Time stands still in saskatechewan, saskatchiwaan, sashi, never mind.

Coming Home

And tonight...

Just so you know

one step forward, two steps back

All Saints Day