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Oh, you said you wanted the small car...

The Art of Christian Listening - Thomas N. Hart

Did I miss a memo or something?

When it works, it's sweet.

the government should be in Ottawa and not my bedroom

Gillette Fusion Science Fiction

An evening prayer

I made a mistake

Hmm, things are picking up it seems!

Tim's test

It's Thursday today

Soul baby

Now this is Television

Time Passages

As the rain hides the stars

Even posh people need love

Hart on inner healing

Going, going, ...

Evening Prayer for a Saturday night

Reason number 329 on why I love her

Reason number 328 on why I love her

The foggy glow of a giant yellow M

Brad Boydston on worship

Richard II King of England

It's at the top

Mr. Beaver on a Safe God

Are you kidding me??

Chopsticks, Doctors, and a little project

So, it kinda wants to rain out there

"My Christian daughter says I'm going to hell. What do I do?"

St. Columba

Refresh 07

Just humming along

sittin, drinkin eggnog in the middle of the night

Donovan Leitch on Pop

From Speed Queen to Kenmore in 20 years flat

I'm not sure how I managed to schedule this

for Faith

Surprised by joy

October Snow

Support your local Italian restaurant

Mr. Blue Sky, Why?

Missed it by that much

When I was four years old

l o v e

it's the simple things in life

Thanksgiving Monday

Stay in the (time) zone

giving thanks

Marriage. A Question.

Spiritual Direction

Free quality TV and Radio, online

Smell ya later

It's 11:30pm

If this is Thursday it must be Prince Albert

for harvest

Sunrise at Kingsfold Retreat Centre