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I was here, but now I'm gone

I'm off

Back to the Island

Having a spot of trouble

Letter from an unpredictable life

Thomas Merton on the Inner life

The second murder victim of the year has a name: Dean Josie

Iona marble

Autumn 2007

Happy Birthday Hillary Jane

1. 2. 3. 4.

Jelly! - Not just for your bread any more.


Well, enough of that then.

if you pray...

Another Country, another politician

The Story of our Life

Wow, a politician who admits he was wrong

When writing a blog can be like shoving a stick into a hornets nest

Even though

My relationship with Bob Dylan

Provincial Election?

Power Outage Casualties

banners, and fussy bits.

the ocean


Northern Rock just a stone's throw away from oblivion

For those of you in warmer climates

Oh yeah, there are archives...


Home again

Night Falls in Prince Albert

The up's and down's of being Hillary

The Tryst

Romeo and Juliet - Act II. Scene II.

If Microsoft sold a phone...

Simple Church

Autumn comes to Down Town Prince Albert

Ok Mr. Jobs, you have my attention.

On people who don't let you grow up

I Am a Swiss Army Knife

Wednesday Morning Prayer

The Bourne Ultimatum

Happy 20th Birthday Johanna

She's off.

Labor Day Classic: Final Sask 31, WPG 26

Back to work. with pictures.