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spiritual direction up to here

f i x

Heading for the Loop

Day 4 of 7, otherwise known as Thursday (I Think)


From the North Park University Library

Live from the Windy City

Chicago Bound

Photo's Updated

Driving Home.

So, you wanna know who dies in the last book of Harry Potter, due out this Saturday?





Addiction and Grace: Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions - Gerald G.

Paper Money - Ken Follett

The Cross

Sabbatical three weeks in

Kate Rusby

Iona, a thin place?

Images from Iona

The skys have eyes, finally

Sometimes Sisters are just a pain

Living with terrorism

Meeting Rachel P.

Shaun The Sheep

The Birds. (Not to be confused with The Byrds)

a song of gratitude

I think that this is my favourite movie of all time

A most interesting means of travel

British Ways

We are home

A wonderful Sunday Morning