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"Blazing car crashes into airport"

We are ok, worry not.

We are well.

found an empty computer in a hotel we are eating supper at

Dad's signature

On the way... 2

On the way...

Well, it's nearly here.

Fathers Day 2007

Getting ready

Grits are so underrated...

Ruth Graham, Dead.

The Pilgrimage has begun. Want to go along?


Spiritual Direction: Beyond the Beginnings - Janet K. Ruffing

The Practice of Spiritual Direction - William A. Barry & William J. Connolly

Ahem. What to do when your back yard turns into a carnival ride

Flickr is growing up

T-Minus One Week

Yep, U-Pick-Steak

What's lost is Found

Clothes make the man. (warm)

A full day.

It's all good.

Big day tomorrow

This little reminder

What if a pagan/new age/agnostic/atheist/whatever came to your church?

Victimless Crime?

It was good to hear his voice

You think Paris Hilton had a hard day?

I had a 7-11 cheese smokey for lunch

I could use a few prayers, good thoughts, or pizza...

My brother once fell out of a tent trailer

15 more sleeps

We're going to the Isle of Iona


Friday Night Tired

How to deal with that nasty mildew problem

The Midlife Crisis Retreat Centre. Finally.