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Did you know that...

Eugene Peterson, on the god of self

As the stomach turns

Tom Bandy on a strategic issue for leaders

Just in case I thought God wasn't behind this trip...

Aye, There's the blessing then.

Lovely way to spend Sunday lunch

Because sometimes its just good to remember

Elementary, my dear Watson

In Saskatoon and looking for a faith group to connect with?


Now, Sir Richard Branson must be a smart man

I'm thinking my desk isn't nearly as messy as I thought it was a moment ago

My G-G-G-Generation.

Blair will be welcomed into Catholic fold

Camden Locks

Happy Victoria Day

Nine years ago, this holiday monday

I want to say how pleased I am with the church I serve


Supper is Done

Heather Persson leaving Prince Albert

This is so freakin weird


Charles Darwin on Change

Single Parent: Day Three

School For Dummies

Candace Derksen killer arrested

It's who you stand in line with

Jerry Falwell. August 11, 1933 – May 15, 2007

For those applying for Passports...

Homeward bound

The Gift of Being Yourself - David Benner

Surrender To Love - David Benner

The Celtic Way of Prayer - Esther De Wall

Mothers Day

Nate and Johanna

I'm an old old man

Innovation is alive and well in Kitchener


Micah turns 13

For Lauralea

Better living through good smells

What American accent do you have?


I'm Home



Commencement Banquet


And the Academy Award for a bad haircut goes to...

Made it

CBC Comencement. One. Last. Time.

Today I reach a new milestone in my career as a father.

Tom Poston Dead at 85

"Just" a frustration

1997 Red River Flood

St. Brendan's Prayer