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Lauralea's on the phone with Graham Kerr

Prayer Service for George Goulet

And so it goes, and so it goes...

Robert Webber Dead


I see the light

The Evangelical Covenant Church

Ok, well the other thing I can do from my pergola?

Backyard Blogging

Getting ready for Sabbatical

When sickness comes to stay.

Happy Birthday Lauralea

My Theology on Automobiles

I suppose I'm glad that only comes once every ten years

Nearly all done

Hey, keep up to date

Beyond Great...

Note to self...

Blogging from my cell

The calm before the storm?

April 18. Plus 24.

She's just totally owning this Diabetes thing

"Art Art, help me Art"

Huston, we have ignition

No man is an island

Wanna be a pastor?

Cafe Randall

The good, the bad, and the busy

Celtic Benediction - J. Philip Newell

Wanna have some fun?

It's just a freakin hamburger

I'd go the whole wide world

Lookin H.O.T.


Well, I think we now know

Kodak - Winds of Change

For reasons that will come out in the days ahead,

Woooo Hoooo

Getting on with a changed life


Sunrise Service 2007

When "After" never comes

Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Tasking

Flavours of worship

Scent of Heaven


Classic FM Hall of Fame

13 Wonderfully Amazing Things

13 tense days completed

Micah's Band playing O Canada

And so it goes

Liberated Games

I hate that I line up for it



How do you go from

Winter is back

Open Wide...

April fools