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The Rhythm of Life: Celtic Daily Prayer - David Adam

Well, that was a fun hockey game!

"Micah Plays in the Juno Cup"


Jubilee Ave

How to eat with practically no dishes!

loosing at living

Winter isn't done just yet


Ahh Saskatchewan in the Spring time

Now here's something we could use this week

Well, she's been gone 5 hours

So, while I'm getting back on my feet

That's enough for one day

Technology changes NASCAR

Guest speaker

What's the HTML for hint /hint?

reason number 83295 that the King James just doesn't preach well today

So i continue

You gotta go

just a part of my life

Bach to Classical music


Hey just curious...

Something that is HOT


Rainy days and Mondays


March 17

Stoopid anglish

Real Beauty

BBC Interview with Toni and Chris

True Grit(s) (you know I had to make that the title!)

We must use this power for good


There's a first

just cubes


Monday. Day off.

It's Saturday evening


It's Not Too Late

I am exhausted.

Far and away.

When carpet is more than just carpet.

Just layin some carpet

Regarding anonymous comments

Cut it out!!!

I AM Superman!!!!

Lauralea's Cross

Just some hot water please.

"This is causing me to hunger for beauty."

Entering Loss

My Lesson for the day