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Doing the Linux Happy Dance of Joy

And the beat goes on

You know it's an election year when...

First Sunday in Lent

At least I haven't given up McDonalds for lent

April 13, 2036

In Germany, Soccer success = babies

I'm home.

The word of the day is...

Did the Ikea thing late today

It. Isn't Fun.

Going well.

Ash Wednesday today

Of Poets and Logicians II

kicking a hole in the darkness...

Time to clean the windows

Just Life. In the deep end.

To Everything, Turn Turn Turn

We were in Saskatoon today

Covenant Bible College Closes

Urgent: VD Surprises needed.

Longer work day cutting into family time: study

My Daughters

Enough said.


This may just be me but...

The Weekend in Paris


lightness comes

Anna Nicole Smith

Switzerland will never be the same


Mission Accomplished. Teachers Appreciated.

Guess I'm going to school this morning

A different day today

Superblow 41

The day does take a turn

Sirius-ly Though

This is what the LORD says:

Goin back to school

Nothing to see here so just move along