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dealing with loss

Homestar Runner celebrates Halloween

This temporary whiteness

refresh 06

the nectar of the gods.

Made me Laugh

Country Store

This must be where Monte Python got their start

on why I didn't get to small group tonight. (Before you ask)

"The Face That's Everywhere"

Election Day

Jim Wallis & Good Morning America @ Chapel

Firefox 2

So the other night we went to a masquerade party

A N D, W E ”? R E B A C K . . .

Gutter Guy

The Plass will be down

Getting ready for winter

Floyd is innocent

worship, perspective, and friends, but mostly friends.

Well, the dude can't spell,

Prairies in Fall

A little Elvis is a very good thing

So that's it for Autumn then?

Wanna see something fun?

just workin

Woo Hoo

Creating A History of Violence

Guess who came to lunch

Night falls

Sasktel Mobility, here we come.

Hey, look outside...

Prince Albert residents advised to boil water

the third leading cause of death in Canada


Yellowknife in Prince Albert

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

A Nice way to spend a Saturday

Me, on Vulnerability

Yes, it does.

Retreated out.

Pic's from the retreat


From retreat


For Ministers with no fashion sense!