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Johanna's Home


Jean Vanier on Community and Growth

The reasons behind the reasons

Let it rain

What makes a community community?


I have a thought

Two steps forward...

All the girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man

Is anyone thirsty?

Painting the fence and talking on Skype

Antwan Williams

Long weekends mean a whole nother thing, since I became a pastor

A plug for a great Bakery

Back home

What the day brings

The Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church

"Hello this is Greyhound how help I can you?"

Masa has Landed

Nouwen on our dying

Pink tree on a sunny afternoon

I Googled a Prayer

Let me begin with an apology...

Stellarium 0.8.0. You need to check this out!

To kill a CD

Friday afternoon...

Refugee Committee meeting

Happy Birthday Micah ver. 3.0

Feels like so many changes happening these days. Part 2.

Strike two for Tom Cruise

Feels like so many changes happening these days.

ch ch ch changes...

Space to live in.

Only once in history. ever.

P.A. Radio. All CHRISTIANS, All The Time. Pt. 2.

Fan of Public Radio?

P.A. Radio. All Jesus, All The Time.

Am I part of the problem or a part of the solution?