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prayer groups

Well, today is the first day of the rest of your life...


Holiday is nearly done

It's 11 am

I'm reinstalling Windows XP today

Lauralea gets her Groove on

Speaking of Friends

The Gopher has left the building

You bring Christ to me

Blogging from my good chair

Gopher 4, Thomas 0

Site Tune up

Apparently I am a Bastard.

Great White Hunter

Twenty years today

Holidays: week one completed

More Nouwen on hiddenness

Sunday morning,

Nouwen on Hiddenness, a Place of Intimacy

Broadview Pics

We're home

Happy Anniversary

In Praise of Slow

Small Town Saskatchewan

Decompression: Day Four

Decompression: Day Three

Decompression: Day Two

Decompression: Day One

Did I mention that I'm tired?

A new look ...again.

Happy Birthday to me

Canada's new governor general

Overheard from the pallbearers in the hearse, on the way to the grave side;

Closing Prayer


Morning Prayer

A funny thing happened on the way from the wedding...