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If the application is this hard...

Old friends, bookends

Deep thoughts on the road. Part 3

Deep thoughts on the road. Part 2

Deep thoughts on the road. Part 1

Good day's travel

Road Trip

Lovely day for a suicide

Hillary Jane pulls it off

12 Years Old - With a Camera

My Version

Bring your kid to work day

"We do not grieve as those who have no hope..."

Before the throne of God above

Today made up for paperwork Tuesday yesterday!

Under the heading: "You gotta celebrate when you get the chance"

They can turn it on and off like THAT!

God is good, all the time


An amazing day

It's Not All In Your Head

A year ago this morning...

Everybody now; "Here comes the bride"

I hate being late

Hump day done

Rain, rain, rain, showers

Life, education, and politics

Hey, all the cool moms are doin it

WBZ Boston

Sanctuary - Chris Rodriguez (Streams)

This day (and week) has ended

It doesn't make sense...

And death comes...

Nouwen on Drinking the Cup

I need to move on

Happy Birthday Micah

This morning we're not going to church.

She was here a day ago...

"Unless you change and become as little children..."

Lacing up the ole skates

Disney's done a study

just settin

On why I don't use a news reader

God still making old things new

Tonight's visitation

Today I learned this writers trick

Sask. man survives bear attack

The mind is a funny thing

Mongolian cherries