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Why Bother?

Who am i

Auld Lang Syne

Big News!!!!

Saskatchewan Blizzard


Law and Order's Jerry Orbach, dead at 69

Guess who's on holidays!!!!

Christmas 2004

Twas the night before Christmas...

Well, the rush is on

Pressure Builds

Photos Today

Welcome to the Party

Nearly Ready

File this under unbelievable!

Henri Nouwen on Heaven and Hell


Decisions, decisions.

Wow. This is getting very cool

Now what...

The Prince of Peace

The Clock

Open House 2004

'UK church faces life underground'

Handel is the greatest composer who ever lived. - Ludwig van Beethoven

Reason number 496,748,329 for being alive

A Christmas Gift for the readers of

Met an old co-worker today

Being a pastor

Suppose to be a day off today, but I dunno

Just in time for Christmas

Just chillin

Guess what it's doing outside

It seemed wrong to even call it a fish...

High's and Lows of weather

Gimps and Half-wits

What's your flavour of the month?

Advent. From Yellowknife