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Ah, Freedom

Creating Space

Anybody seen a "Randy" walking around out there? ...with a logbook?

long day, sore back.


The Blogger has new clothes

Harpers Index

Christian Rock, before those two words ever went together.

So I took a test

Week of Prayer 2004

Hmm, it may be time to send Lauralea back to school

It's the most wonderful time of the year... not


Henri Nouwen on waiting

Back safe and (Just a little) sound

to tired to sigh...

Waiting for my chance...

I have arrived

On the road again

Today I am tired.

A unique Saskatchewan approach to shunning

Fox. It Isn't just The Simpsons any more.

BC 27, Saskatchewan 25, in overtime

Watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders march on to glory towards the 92nd Grey Cup

Did we get anywhere this week??

War and Peace, but mostly war

Just another quiet night at the Friesen's

Micah Micah Micah...

...As the Stomach turns...

Adopt an NhL'er (sorry football season is upon us!!)

Roughriders 14 at Eskimos 6

Pastors and Spouse Retreat 2004

Joan of Arc - a Trial of Faith