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Disturbing the status quo, one door at a time.

And thus ends a perfectly weird week.

Lunch and Peace


XP H E double Hockey Sticks

someday's its good...

Another one to check out

It continues to spread

Jeff and Heidi

Prince Albert, Saturday morning

New Guy

64 years ago today...

20 years ago today...

I may need counseling, but...

Just chilllllin


I have no title for this!

Barf Bag handy?

Yes Dave, there IS a Santa Clause

More on the thought

overheard at the City Ministerial meeting today...

My new favourite song

Walking off the Turkey

Hey, a day off!!

It's a Dry Cold

So, how come

Party on Wayne, and Phil, and Grace, and Paul, and Toni, and Matt, and Marc and Tammy...

The Shirt is Mightier Than The Sword

This deep thought brought to you by Thomas Merton

Your church need a Mission Statement?

Just Visiting

7 down

Maybe let's just be quiet for one day.

The World's on Fire

It's enough already