Well, had a good day today.


I spoke to a group over the lunch hour about persistence in prayer. It was a good time and they were eager to learn some things that I had experienced in prayer. I thought it was a lunch meeting so I brought along a bag lunch. When I got there with my lunch, nobody else had one with them. I felt like a kid in school again, who showed up at lunch with a goofy lunch box! So I tried to hide my lunch bag.


While I was downtown I checked in a computer shop (that never sells used monitors) whether they had any used monitors. Behold there was a wall of them before my eyes! So I picked up two for $30, to go with the two old CPU's I bought from Leighton last week. I may soon have the girls doing their homework, in their own rooms, on their own computers, for a total price of $60. Sweet! The sweetest thing is the chance to have them not typing on this one all the time!!!


I'm off to worship practice now.


Stay warm, it's getting cold out there.

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  1. I came home tonight to find someone doing their homework in our office on our computer - something they are not supposed to do since they have one designated for that purpose! The complaint then was that the other printer didn't work. So out I went and had to buy ink and some floppy discs so we can have the privacy of our own office space again.

    I wonder if our kids will ever develope the handwriting we used to have drilled into us - that all went out the window anyway when we got to university and note taking happened.

    Oh for the good old days!


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