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Time to live (Published in the Prince Albert Daily Herald March 2005)


Lauralea and I had a talk today about who you "connect" with, on a regular basis. We were looking back at who we had, or rather how we had connected with others lately. She made an interesting observation. That the real connecting we had done over the past month were done with people who had time to connect.

They had, or at least appeared to have had time just to set a spell. Didn't have to plan the get together days in advance. Didn't have them thinking where else they needed to be, as they sat across from us visiting. Their only agenda, was hanging out, checking up, sharing themselves and their time, with the likes of us.

That's how a pastor should look, I think. Like he's got all the time in the world, to share life together. Peterson calls this pastor one who looks lazy, but he's surely not.

Nope, most of us would rather have a full day ahead of us, with a full list of people to see and meet with. M…

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