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Trying to learn new ways.

The past five months for me and my health are a long story that, dear internet, I shall unfold for you when I'm ready to do so.

The results for me right now, are that I need to learn new rhythms for life.  I can't do the level of things that I used to do as a younger guy, and while that's fairly understandable, it still irks me.

But I am working to be a good and obedient pastor. I should add that the church has been most gracious as I relearn these things in my life.

So this week Sunday and Monday were pretty much washouts. Not in a great physical place.  Tuesday was getting better and Wednesday wasn't bad.

Then Thursday I felt so good as to over do it to the tune of ten hours working. (The days often range in time needed to accomplish what's up for them.)  But I felt good and up to it and you might as well make hay while the sun shines.

Then came the morning.  (Sing it those of you who know it.) This morning.

Today seems to be about making payment for yesterdays …

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